Chairman’s Message

The aim of Ayurveda is to prevent illness¸ heal the sick and preserve life. MANJUSHREE RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF AYURVEDIC SCIENCE or MRIAS intends to take this knowledge of Ayurveda and impart it to a new generation of young minds through high quality medical education. The Institution serves as a platform where the best of experienced and learned minds of Ayurveda engage with students in a conducive environment encouraging them to be the best and engage in delivery of healthcare to the society and population served. Therefore, creating and serving Ayurveda.


In this endeavour, we strive to establish an institution of excellence of education in Ayurveda, maintaining international standards of academics and infrastructure. We strive to serve the society, population and the discipline of Ayurveda by imparting world class education to students in a healthy, encouraging environment and providing them with knowledgeable guidance, exposure, and vision thus creating new thought leaders and professionals who will help define a new era in Ayurveda – a new patient focused and integrated Ayurvedic health care delivery system achieving highest degree of patient satisfaction

We cherish this opportunity to be associated with some of the most respected, learned & well known minds and enthusiasts of Ayurveda, to come together and share this platform, enthusiasm and resources to serve people, society and hence the discipline of Ayurveda itself. The curriculum has been designed with these visions in affiliation with the Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar under the guidance of Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM), a statutory body under ministry of AYUSH, Government of India.